Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Does the Season Affect Your Mood?

First let me start by saying that I'm not a "Woo-Woo" new-age person, but I have noticed over the past decade that this time of year, October through January, I become more alive, more enthused, have a better outlook, hopeful, positive, social, and just plain happy. This phenomenon happens like clockwork every year starting around October.

I was born in the month of July, however, I'm usually not at my best or peak during the summer months. I find it interesting that my mood is so positive during this fall/winter time frame, because this is the time of year that many people get depressed or feel lonelier than usual.

Logically speaking, my mood shouldn't be as good as it is during this time of year because there are negative factors for me such as: this is the time of year that finances are magnified due to multiple holiday expenses, not having a partner to share holidays with, and not having a large family. To the contrary, I love this time of year! I can only attribute this to the astrological premise that the time of day, and planetary line-up when you were born, definitely have an influence in this shift I feel yearly!
I have no other explanation and I'm wondering if others are affected by a particular season, month, etc.?

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