Sunday, October 11, 2009


The dictionary defines "youthful" as young; possessing youth; not yet old or mature. Fresh, vigorous, active. This definition doesn't mention chronological age, therefore, we can all agree and conclude that age has nothing to do with being youthful.

I have observed people that are 20-years old that are not youthful and lack exuberance and vitality that is expected for that age and stage in life; and I've also known people in their 80's that are so alive and vigorous that it is clear to see that they have maintain their youthful spirit and vigor throughout the weeks, months, years, and decades of their life! It's exciting and beautiful.

Granted, many people lose their youthfulness over the years, not from body deterioration, but from the mental bombardment of stress, disappointment, and not living up to their rigid expectations set early on in their lives. This group of people never learned to "shift-gears" during life's turmoils and therefore they've robbed themselves of the key to happiness which is maintaining youthfulness by ensuring that mental balance is always monitored and nurtured appropriately. Disappointment and stress can turn into anger and depression which can rob one of the joy and energy of life.

I naturally gravitate toward youthful people, meaning chronologically aged between 20 and 100, that hold the treasured key of youthfulness in the core of their beings. I know their stories and some have turmoil, loss, and many unfortunate situations that have occurred in their lives, however, their flexibility and constant monitoring of their mental state, allowed them to endure by making the appropriate changes in their lives to ensure balance is achieved and maintained first and foremost. A positive attitude regardless of the situation is never lost by people that have maintained youthfulness.
The youthful people are recognized quickly by the light in their eyes, the tempo of their dialog, and their "fresh" outlook on all their daily experiences. It's excitement! I do have many friends that are chronologically younger than myself, some by 20-years, and I enjoy sharing time and experiences with them because of their excitement about life that is unjaded, unscripted, spontaneous, positive, and most of all passionate.

I've been told by many recently that there is no way that I'm a 60-year old woman because I look like I'm in my 40's. I believe this to be true only because I have been blessed with the ability to shift gears in times of turmoil and adjust my life accordingly to maintain balance and happiness. Also, I attribute my youthfulness as a vibe in thought, interests, activities, fashion, and the people that I choose to surround myself with.

I recently had lunch with a couple of young woman from work that I wasn't acquainted with prior to our lunch; and after lively discussions on many topics, one of the woman suggested that I start my own blog. Interestingly, her suggestion was just what I've been looking for! An avenue to express myself in an arena where it's apparent that "youthfulness" is one of the major ingredients on the blog site and needed for an audience.

May you all maintain the key to being youthful!

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  1. Great! And you are youthful :) and fabulous!! Thank you for writing - you certainly have a talent.