Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quantum Physics and Mind Power

We have all been told that the thoughts that we produce have a direct affect on our reality. In other words, whatever we focus on shows up in abundance in our physical life. If we worry and focus about not having money, then we continue to not have money. When we focus on love, giving, and kindness, in return we are surrounded with people that give us what we are mentally putting out into the universe with our thoughts.

Many Nobel Prize winning physicists have proved beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that our minds our interacting with every fraction of a second, over and over again.

I've always been intrigued with the power of the mind even before I understood or heard about the concept of quantum physics. Looking back on my early adolescence I had the "Pollyanna" syndrome, and I truly believed without a doubt that I could and would conquer anything that I set my mind to. Where these thoughts came from is beyond me, but luckily they were there to catapult me out of the environment that I was born into, to the realities created by my imagination and thoughts. I must say here, that I'm also aware of the negative physical realities that are part of my world, that I know I create, and I'm currently working on "turning the focus around."

In 1995 I read Ageless Bodies, Timeless Minds: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old. I found the book to be fascinating on many levels, especially the sections on the power of our thinking and the affects it has on our physical realities.

There was one section that provided a little experiment that you could take to "prove" how you outwardly control your physical world with your mind. If you haven't witnessed this and you're curious I have outlined the instructions for the test below. Try it!

Tools: (You will need fishing line or strong thread, and a key)

Cut the thread or fishing line to approximately 4 feet so that when it is doubled it will measure 2 feet long.
  1. Take the Key and slide onto the thread or fishing line and knot the two ends together at the top. (Measurement with the key threaded should be no longer than 2 feet).
  2. Wrap the thread around your index finger so that it's secure.
  3. Sit down at a table, and with the arm that is holding the key, place your elbow on the edge of the table with your arm and hand upright.
  4. Your index finger holding the thread can point so that it is horizontal instead of vertical.
  5. Keep your position and stay completely still.
  6. The line should be suspended now from your index finger. Do not move your finger or arm in any way now.
The Power of the Mind Test
  1. Think: move the key in a circle to the right.
  2. Keep saying this over and over in your mind.
  3. The key will adjust its natural swag and start rotating in a circle to the right.
  4. Now, tell it to rotate in a larger circle. Repeat several times, rotate in a larger circle. If you are truly focused the key will easily rotate in a larger circle.
  5. Now tell the key to circle to the left. You will watch the key listen to your instructions and slowly change its orbit to the left as you suggested!
I haven't perform this experiment since 1995, so I decided to try this earlier this evening before I wrote the blog. It worked, as I knew it would, 100%
Let me know how it goes after trying this quantum physics experiment!


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  2. I haven't tried this experiment, but because I believe this is true, it is why I can't dowse. I found myself manipulating the crystal's response not with my hand, but with my mind! Pleased to make your acquaintance here. Many blessings ~

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